BLAZE BALL is a sport played by two teams of 6 attacking players, and 1 scoring player on a soft matted ice hokey/Lacrosse rink with is divided into equal zones, with two scoring holding nets on each end and two blaze ball holding bins with a bunch of blaze balls in them, at each end on the left side corner of the court on each side.

  • each member of the team can roam freely in their zone, or they can roam in the dead zone, only the scorer is allowed to roam the hole court.
  • each team has 9 tennis ball sized balls made of soft squishy rubber, and try and knock out the other team and get the the blaze ball into the net on the other side of the court.
  • each team is also trying to stop the scorer from getting the blaze ball into the net.
  • the players are allowed to pull the scorer to the ground in a safe way (without hurting him/her) (gaining 1 point) if this is done he/she can get up and step back 2 steps stop for a few seconds, and keep running if the ball is drooped then he/she must go back and get a new one from the holding bin.
  • if you catch a ball the teammate who's been out longest returns to the game. Deflecting a ball with a ball that a player is holding is allowed.
  • if you are hit with a ball from the opposing team then you are out.
  • the game of blaze ball is always played indoors.
  • the length of the game is 6 plays lasting 10min each (like Quarter play in basketball or netball)
  • the full game lasts 60min one hour
  • players in blaze ball wear zentai [1] outfits with eye holes.
  • players wear swimming goggles as eye protection [2]
  • players are also allowed to pick up opposing teams balls and use them once they are on their side of the court.
  • there are no substations through the game
  • 1 points for every player that is hit and taken out of the game.
  • 2 point for every blaze ball you get in the holding net
  • 1 point for every safe take down of the scorer
  • each teams balls are different colours so they know witch ones are there's and witch are not
  • blaze ball can be played all year round but is mostly played in the summer and spring