PASS-BALL is a form of gridiron football played chiefly in Australasia in which two teams of eight players each compete for territorial control of a rink of play 100.6 m (110 yards) long and 59.4 metre (65 yards m) wide, attempting to advance a small pointed prolate spheroid ball into the opposing team's end zone.

The fieldEdit

The pass-ball rink is 110 yards (100.6 m) long and 65 yards (59.4 m) wide with end zones 20 yards (18.3 m) deep, The sides of the field are marked by white sidelines, the goal line is marked in white, and white lines are drawn laterally across the field every 5 yards (4.6 m) from the goal line.

Play of the gameEdit

Teams of eight advance across the field through the execution of quick, distinct plays, which involve the possession of a brown, prolate spheroid ball with ends tapered to a point. The ball has two one-inch-wide stripes.


Play begins with the ref throws the ball into the rink Both teams then attempt to catch the ball. The player who recovers the ball may run while holding the ball, or throw the ball to a teammate, in any direction forward or back.

length of play Edit

there are 6 plays in pass-ball each lasting 15mins each with the whole game lasting 90mins, and there are no time outs except for indurys. and no substitution allowed, except for indurys

positions in pass-ball Edit

pass-ball has no positions for the players, all the players are attackers and defenders, and all the players can hold and run and pass the ball.

ball Edit

in pass ball the ball is a small (smaller than a rugby all and a gridiron ball)

the ball is a pointed prolate spheroid shape, easy for throwing.

the ball is made with Velcro over the outside of the ball, and the players wear Velcro lined gloves